Saturday, April 3, 2010


One thing I don't need to worry about is to write in formal English. Actually I can't tell the difference between formal and informal English because all I have learnt from school is formal English. When natives are struggling not to use slangs and colloquial languages in their essays, I spent those time translating my thoughts from Chinese into English.

Yesterday I went to MOMA, a place I can always get some inspirations. Two artists impressed me: Tim Burton, of course, and Maria Abramovic, more an uncanny figure.

Tim Burton is a legend that can manipulate the shape of objects to serve his fascinating thoughts. His pieces can vary from a combination of different animals to a girl with her head in the hand to a blind man with the living eyes. However, most of them suggest a kind of darkness and black humor. The message in his picture or movie can always makes me think deeper or laugh from the bottom of my heart. I admire his imagination and creativity. In my view, his pieces is a vivid exhibition of the exaggerated reality and the exploration of human's weakness in lust and fear in death. In the small exhibition room, you can hear no less than ten exclamations," He is amazing. That's cool!" I can't agree with them more. I am saying to myself, " He is a character."

Maria Abramovic is an artists that I am still trying to understand. She explores the extreme of the human's physical and mental endurance. I should say I have almost reached my extreme when I watched her pieces, especially when I walk through two real naked humans and saw one naked lady hanging in the wall. It is an experience to me.

Union Square is a place full of fun. Today I bought the cranberry apple cider and tasted the red wine made by farmers from the upper NY state. Both taste fresh and unique. Walking in the sunshine along the booths reminded me of my childhood. When I was young, I could spend hours watching salesmen selling fish and vegetables and often forgot to buy the spring onions for mum. Today is a bit special. You can see bunch of people carry pillows. Hah. There comes the "pillow fight", which is probably a festival. You know, NY is never quiet. People always figure out something exciting to spend time.

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