Wednesday, November 18, 2009


After having 3 hours training and get my fingerprinted, I will become a mentor of a 10th grade student.

During the training, I was shocked that the middle school students in US have so much social problems than kids in China. One lady, now a mom, told us that she was forced to leave home after her parents' divorce. At that time, she just graduated from the high school. If it weren't for his dad's partner, she couldn't gather herself quickly and go ahead. I find that people have similar experience are usually more mature but sometimes they becomes wierd and isolated. I am not sure how one can become mature without experiencing too much pains. That's why I am still so naive.

In class, we were trained to reframe our drinking/sex experiences and we were particularly taught how to handle the situation when a middle school girl gets pregnant. The trainer emphasized "Although there are condom distribution centers in school." We were also told to be prepare for the unpunctuality of the mentee and how to cope with too reserved/too inquisitive kids. One thing important is that we need to understand the subtleness of establishing a relationship. For instance, when calling his/her home, we need to asking whether they would like us to be introduced.

At last, our trainer asked us, "What are the characteristics of the mentors?" Primary answers are integrity, caring, given selflessly, loving. Trainer pointed out that mentors need to be inspiring and supportive. When looking back to my past life, I have never had a mentor, which is a great pity. It will be great fun to have someone that you respect to care about you and advise you.

I like today's training, especially after hopping among 4 projects for the whole day. I am excited at the new role that I will play. Remember, now I have my fingerprinted and FBI will have my record. I need to behave myself. God, pls also bless me.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Nov 09

Ideas + Focus + Execution

Past doesn't represent future.
However, no past no future.

Don't enter the 2 players situation without any thoughts in the poker game.

Behind every rationalized reason there lies the real reason.

Use your power to fight for your rights.

It's your passion and commitment that make the difference.

Friday, November 6, 2009

This is it - Michael Jackson

Stage is set for him. Music is controlled by him. His unparralleled creativity and imagination allow his dance and music to shine for ages and will shine forever. His music will never die.

He is the King of Pop. He created the church of Rock & Roll. He knows every tempo of his music, knows the exact moment to seize the attention of the audience, knows where to stop naturally and pose classically, knows every movements and expressions of the dancers around him.

His talent brings him fame and fortune but never brings him happiness, peacefulness and warmth.

Besides his music and dance, people do not care about other shining parts of him. They ignore his love for nature, for people and for world. They ignore his struggle to remain pure in the dirt. They ignore the fact that he has been hurted by the public all the time. Business is business. People made up every news of him to become rich.

What can I say? It is like a wierd circle that similar tragedy never ends. MJ will not be the first and last person that experiences such torture.

But, but please let us remember his words that MJ said during the rehearsal, "Love is the most important thing. "

God bless MJ. God bless us.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


纽约的秋天瞬间而过,温度开始降到很低。可是太阳似乎还在眷顾北半球的, 每天阳光都准时地给了人们带来温暖。

昨晚走在街上,心里有些疲惫。 突然看到迎面走来一对情侣,一个搂在另一个的腰间,感觉很温馨。当他们走近的时候,发现原来是一对男性, 但是还是感觉那样的自然和和谐。

我突然想,如果世界上换成都是同性间的爱情会是怎么样? Then will we think it unacceptable if one man and one lady make out? Or Does it really matter?

Love shouldn't have any boundary, isn't it?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


我是一条快淹死的鱼, 只有30 天了。

虽然幻想过得到上天的帮助,但是回天无力?我该怎么办? ?

I am tired.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The story before the data; The data behind the story.

My counselor is a senior manager that always has a story for the data at hand.

My mentor is a senior manager that always has the data to support a story.

If you think they are the same, you are wrong. They have totally different mindsets for valuation.

I asked myself today what matters more, a charming story or solid data?

I choose the latter.