Wednesday, November 18, 2009


After having 3 hours training and get my fingerprinted, I will become a mentor of a 10th grade student.

During the training, I was shocked that the middle school students in US have so much social problems than kids in China. One lady, now a mom, told us that she was forced to leave home after her parents' divorce. At that time, she just graduated from the high school. If it weren't for his dad's partner, she couldn't gather herself quickly and go ahead. I find that people have similar experience are usually more mature but sometimes they becomes wierd and isolated. I am not sure how one can become mature without experiencing too much pains. That's why I am still so naive.

In class, we were trained to reframe our drinking/sex experiences and we were particularly taught how to handle the situation when a middle school girl gets pregnant. The trainer emphasized "Although there are condom distribution centers in school." We were also told to be prepare for the unpunctuality of the mentee and how to cope with too reserved/too inquisitive kids. One thing important is that we need to understand the subtleness of establishing a relationship. For instance, when calling his/her home, we need to asking whether they would like us to be introduced.

At last, our trainer asked us, "What are the characteristics of the mentors?" Primary answers are integrity, caring, given selflessly, loving. Trainer pointed out that mentors need to be inspiring and supportive. When looking back to my past life, I have never had a mentor, which is a great pity. It will be great fun to have someone that you respect to care about you and advise you.

I like today's training, especially after hopping among 4 projects for the whole day. I am excited at the new role that I will play. Remember, now I have my fingerprinted and FBI will have my record. I need to behave myself. God, pls also bless me.

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