Friday, November 6, 2009

This is it - Michael Jackson

Stage is set for him. Music is controlled by him. His unparralleled creativity and imagination allow his dance and music to shine for ages and will shine forever. His music will never die.

He is the King of Pop. He created the church of Rock & Roll. He knows every tempo of his music, knows the exact moment to seize the attention of the audience, knows where to stop naturally and pose classically, knows every movements and expressions of the dancers around him.

His talent brings him fame and fortune but never brings him happiness, peacefulness and warmth.

Besides his music and dance, people do not care about other shining parts of him. They ignore his love for nature, for people and for world. They ignore his struggle to remain pure in the dirt. They ignore the fact that he has been hurted by the public all the time. Business is business. People made up every news of him to become rich.

What can I say? It is like a wierd circle that similar tragedy never ends. MJ will not be the first and last person that experiences such torture.

But, but please let us remember his words that MJ said during the rehearsal, "Love is the most important thing. "

God bless MJ. God bless us.

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