Thursday, September 3, 2009

Notes 9/2/09

Why the existing customers didn't buy more at a lower price?
How do you feel after the conversation? Are the anlaysts intelligent and savvy person with a critical eye?
Can we get comfortable with their approach?
Is there a difference in the level of assurance?
Are they aware the approach used by other funds?
Are they consistent in the approach utilized?

From a implied multiple perspective for XXX,
They did it at best guess.
Do a sanity check.
Support for assumption is insufficient.
The company has negative cahs flow since inception.
Which investment is rated highest for their approach?
It is a good question. Frankly speaking, I am also curious to see their results.
They monitor the position on a monthly basis.
There are wide coverage on the comparable companies. From the analyst point of view the projections are pretty reliable.
The subject company is actually larger than the comparable companies but the exit strategy is to sell it to one of the comparable company.
Some initiative were taken and the operating performance is improving. However, it hasn't been transformed to financial results yet.
But please don't let other people know that.
The only thing I have is at 4-5 pm.

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