Saturday, July 16, 2011


Alexis de Tolqueville (1805-1859)
Visited America 1831-1832 (9 months)
Democracy in America: Wold I (published in 1835); vol II (published in 1840)

Astolphe Louis Lednor - (Harquis de Custine 1790 - 1857)
Visited Russia July - September 1839 (2.5 months)
Russia in 1839: Four volumes published in 1843
I always don't understand why people use drugs that take away their lives and bring so much suffering. Why can't people focus on more interesting things in their lives and take on their responsibilities? I guess that I can never figure it out.

Mexico is a promising emerging market. But drugs an violence bring so much uncertainty to the country.

West Africa has great agriculture resources (60% of the total revenue), oil and other natural resources. The land degradation will hamper the sustainable growth.
West Africa is a region with great resources but there are many bad governments that damage their economy.

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